What Happens If Your Car Runs Out of Wiper Fluid?

  If the car's wiper water runs out, it causes scratches on the windows and calcification in the water channels. It will be very dangerous to drive without wiper fluid, especially in winter. For this reason, regularly checking the wiper fluid in the vehicle will prevent material and moral loss of life and property. Is Normal Water Put in Wiper Water? Normal water cannot clean vehicles as thoroughly as glass water, and it also causes scratches and stains on the windows. While glass water without additives is preferred in winter periods, pure water diluted with pure should be preferred in summer periods. How to Tell if the Wiper Water is Exhausted? Some vehicle manufacturers place a sensor on the reservoir to alert users that they are running out of wiper fluid. This sensor notifies the user by enabling the warning lamp on the panel to come on if it falls below the level that will not be sufficient. Another method is to see at what level the water reaches the windows by pr